About Us

We are Walkins Solution Private Limited, a Delhi based start up with the solitary aim of making the entire recruitment exercise in the corporate world, simplest possible. We are here to simplify the hiring process the way it never was . Hiring or getting hired in the corporate world ceases to be time consuming, complicated or challenging in any way as we introduce a single window selection process for all. We are a common platform for all the job seekers, recruiters & HR consultancies to meet, explore and have things decided as per their respective requirements. We serve all the job providers, HR consultancies and job seekers by conducting all the rounds of interview online for them through our portal in a complete hassle free way.

We afford job aspirants access to hundreds of recruiters looking to recruit and vice versa, both the job seekers and job givers share but one common platform ,that is , we meet, interact, and reach a decision.

It is by bringing both the parties to a single platform , we realize the idea of a single window system that ensures the smooth completion of the entire recruitment process.
We provide every information and insights to our clients with our unique products offering like rating and reviews of companies, salary and skill benchmarking, interview cracking tips and company and job recommendations based on their profile.

We do provide our recruiters as well with all the relevant information regarding a candidate’s profile so that they could have a complete idea of the candidate’s eligibility and fitness for a certain position.
Hence, We make it easier for the parties to make decisions based on their choices and reach a conclusion.

Right from screening the candidates to the final round interview, we are the one who take care of the successful completion of all these rounds through our portal. We let candidates showcase their understanding of basics through our real time video recording facility and once approved by HR we do arrange for the final round interview as well ,through live online video conferencing.
We take care of all the aspects of interview conduction as we have a team of experts dedicated to the very same purpose in specific.

The way we go – Multiple screening round:

  • Written Round

  • First round of interview

  • Group discussion

  • HR interview

Written Round:

While posting any job the Job provider will get additional benefits where they can add multiple questions related to the job description or company profile etc.. This is also considered as the written round or an aptitude test. Here candidates need to write the answers of the given questions before applying for the job.

First round of interview:

Every interview begins with what is popularly known as an intro or screening round.This section contains all the fundamental questions that are frequently asked to screen candidates and determine whether the candidate is eligible for a certain position or not. It’s a real time thing, questions are asked through an automated system and are supposed to be answered in limited time instantly. Even the questions asked flashed for a certain time period to keep the credentials of the interview. Once all the questions are answered , HR recruiters can well check at their end and decide whether the candidate is worth calling for the final round or not. The question set in this section is designed to test these aspects of candidate’s personality:

  • 1. Communication Skills.
  • 2. Knowledge and Ability.
  • 3. Critical Thinking.
  • 4. Sales Case Study.
  • 5. Case Study to Check common Sense.

All the aspects have multiple sets of different questions which will flash randomly on the screen for a certain time period once the candidate starts the interview they cannot withdraw themselves in between.

Group discussion:

It is a part of group interview where an HR can create a group discussion room under which they can take a group discussion round among forty five people and eliminate from them and get the most desirable candidate for the next round. It can be used to filter more candidates for the final HR round.

HR interview:

It’s an arrangement for on app live recordable video interview rooms . We at Walk-Ins help the recruiter to schedule the interview through our portal and it’s through a live recordable video call where any recruiter can create a video conference room in which more than two HR can take the joint interview of any individual . It is also considered as a final round of interview where the recruiters can check the responses of the candidates and also share with the upper hierarchy so that the job provider will get the best candidates and make the final call to them for the joining process. The interviewer can arrange this interview multiple times to get the most desired and skilled candidates.

Our Mission

We are an organisation with a solitary motive of making the entire recruitment exercise simplified and hassle free. We are devoted to making recruitment in the corporate sector as easy as it never was. It is by providing a common platform to all the recruiters, HR consultancies and job seekers, we are attempting to create a single window system through which all the potential employees, HR consultancies and employers would be having access to each other through our portal, hence making it easier for all to do their parts.

Why Us?

It is since we eradicate the need of actual travelling to reach the venue and have the interview conducted , we are preferred by both the recruiter and jobseekers.
We afford both the parties access to multiple choices to choose from, it is as so many organisations are associated with us, one can well choose from them, as one can have himself/ herself considered by multiple organisations at one time as their potential employee .
Recruiters too need not to make additional efforts to find aspirants that fit their criteria as we connect all your HR partners on this portal and thousands of candidates applying through our portal are always awaiting their turn of interview .
It is since the video, say, for screening purpose, recorded once ,is made available to multiple recruiters at the same time, one need not to do the same preparation again and again every time when he applies fresh. Recruiters too get to come across a variety of candidates, making them easy to select best among them and hence, a quality employee is what they get easily, without any additional effort.