HR consultancies

Challenges for HR consultancies:

In India, mostly HR consultancies tie up with different recruiters to solve their manpower problems, but most of the time half of the candidates referred by the HR consultancies denied to attain the interview because of their busy schedule or long waiting time for the interview or interview location and its distance as a result, they need to make more effort to refer more candidates. Most of the consultancies make money only once the candidates referred by them will clear the interview and join the organization and compulsorily complete a certain time in the job.

Walk-ins solution:

Referring candidates to any recruiter and waiting for the candidate to complete a certain time is one of the most challenging things for the HR consultancies. We bring a one stop solution for them. They can connect with multiple recruiters all over the globe and refer their candidates to them on this platform.
We provide them with a master login ID on our website on which they can connect all their employees and make hierarchical logins to all their employees. They can connect with different companies on our platform and provide them with their refer candidates. We eliminate the boundaries of limitation for them to reach their potential global market. Here they can also track their referred candidates and check their progress for the selection on the portal.

What We Provide

  • We will provide guidelines by recognizing genuine and skilled workers who are good at understanding the objectives of the organization and flourish to accomplish the objectives

  • We keep up an agreeable relationship with those around so that the calm condition is made advancing agreeable work climate

  • We give straightforward and genuine criticism and give important help

  • We are transparent and granted for their difficult work and accomplishment in the organization

  • After using walk-ins portal you can reach to many skilled and right candidates for the job at the same time and chose your pick out of them.

  • You can also get connected with more number of candidates which will help you grow and your organization.

  • You can easily track candidates on the portal.

  • You can interconnect with more number of Individuals.

Hiring isn't at a simple task as frequently mistaken by organizations. A broad, effective recruitment service requires careful brushing and looking. We keep up wide information base with visit refreshing continually maintaining up track of perfect candidates and Job seekers list prepared to recruit.

We focus on the goals of our clients and act in like manner frequently outperforming their expectations by giving effective recruitment services in record timings. We provide Employees according to the necessities of our HR partners. Customized Services are given dependent on the request of a specific organization.