Working Process - Job Provider

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Challenges for job providers:

It's really hard for any organization to recruit the right candidate for the right job, most of the time they feel shortage for the right employees and they also have to deal with the fluctuation in manpowers.Mostly they have to keep multiple rounds of interview to screen the candidates for the next round of interview. Screening candidates is one of the tough and time consuming process. They do the screening manually by putting more effort. They also need to arrange more candidates to fulfill the current openings.
To solve the fluctuation of active employees within the organization. They tie up with several HR consultancies and get candidates for the interview to fulfill their openings, but here they face several issues during the whole process.

  • 1 .Managing HR partners
  • 2. Getting committed number of referred candidates from them.
  • 3. Getting skilled and qualified candidates for the interview
  • 4. Screening right candidates.
  • 5. Candidate crowd handling.

Walk-ins solution:

Hiring the right candidates for the right job at the right time is one of the challenging processes where the recruiters have to put more efforts to achieve their target. We as a SaaS HR interview platform provide them a one stop solution for all their recruitment and hiring needs. We provide them with all the necessary tools which are essential for an effortless and effective hiring process which includes:

1. Master login & Dashboard.

It is an admin login where we provide a dashboard to its user where they can perform all their activities. Here they can create or block all their hierarchical login for all their employees which includes associate & manager logins. The admin will have the access of all the users under their hierarchy and also track their day to day activities.

2. Manager login

It includes all the activities similar to the master login but they can only access to the users mapped under them. They can also create or block users under them. They can check the shortlisted candidates,

3. Associate login.

Here the main purpose for providing this login is to help the job provider to flow their operations effectively. Associates can access the candidates profile either referred by HR partners or assigned by the manager’s login or any upper hierarchy. They can shortlist any candidates based on their first round of interview’s responses and also schedule and conduct interviews. Once the final selection is done they can also share the profile with their upper hierarchy.

4. HR partner login.

Recruiters can create master logins for their HR partners also, so that they can coordinate with them easily with the recruiters to fulfill their requirements. The HR partner master login will have the similar features which a master login has but they are separate from all the job providers login and it cannot create their HR partners on it.

5. Job posting - No words limitation.

All the logins will have the facility for job posting. Here anyone can add some written test along with the job description which can be helpful for screening the candidates based on their written skills. This is an additional feature for the job provider to screen the candidates. In this round the company may add questions related to the company’s profile or from the job description. The questions asked here can be in the form of multiple choice or in description form.

6. Written test.

While posting any job the Job provider will get additional benefits where they can add multiple questions related to the job description or company profile etc.. This is also considered as the written round or an aptitude test. Here candidates need to write the answers of the given questions before applying for the job.

7. First round of interview.

Every interview begins with what is popularly known as an intro or screening round.This section contains all the fundamental questions that are frequently asked to screen candidates and determine whether the candidate is eligible for a certain position or not. It’s a real time thing, questions are asked through an automated system and are supposed to be answered in limited time instantly. Even the questions asked flashed for a certain time period to keep the credentials of the interview.

Once all the questions are answered , HR recruiters can well check at their end and decide whether the candidate is worth calling for the final round or not. The question set in this section is designed to test these aspects of candidate’s personality:

  • 1. Communication Skill.
  • 2. Knowledge and ability
  • 3. Critical Thinking
  • 4. Sales case study
  • 5. Case studies to check common sense.

All the aspects have multiple sets of different questions which will flash randomly on the screen for a certain time period once the candidate starts the interview they cannot withdraw themselves in between.

8. Group discussion.

It is a part of group interview where an HR can create a group discussion room under which they can take a group discussion round among forty five people and eliminate from them and get the most desirable candidate for the next round. It can be used to filter more candidates for the final HR round.

9. HR interview.

It’s an arrangement for on app live recordable video interview rooms . We at Walk-Ins help the recruiter to schedule the interview through our portal and it’s through a live recordable video call where any recruiter can create a video conference room in which more than two HR can take the joint interview of any individual . It is also considered as a final round of interview where the recruiters can check the responses of the candidates and also share with the upper hierarchy so that the job provider will get the best candidates and make the final call to them for the joining process. The interviewer

10. Data storage facility.

The job provider can store the data of all the interview rounds for a certain time period which can be useful for them for further use.

11. Secure server and data security.

Best in market.

12. Data privacy.

All the norms followed as per government laws.

13. Connect with multiple HR consultancies at different locations.