Job Seekers

Almost all executives will serve for a few Companies all through their entire career.

The Challenge for JOB Seekers

Most of the job seekers who are looking for a job or job change find difficulties when it is about to reach the interviewer place and wait for their turn for the interview rounds. Mostly the candidates cannot get enough time to reach for the interview ether because of:

  • 1. Busy schedule.
  • 2. Long waiting time for the interview round
  • 3. Location & distance
  • 4. Mode of travel
Walk-ins Solution:

We understand the problem of most job seekers and here we connect them with multiple recruiters so that they can apply for the position online and give all the rounds of the interview. Candidate can sign up here and go through the job post as per their requirements and go through several round of interviews such as:

  • 1. Written test.
  • 2. First round of interview
  • 3. HR round

Once the candidate has gone through the written test and first round of interview, their profile will be reviewed by the recruiters. If their profile got shortlisted by the recruiter then they will receive a confirmation text message as well as an email for the interview. The interview will be scheduled as per both parties prefered time. The interview may be taken by either one or many HR at the same time. The video interview will be recordable for further reviews by senior HR managers. There are no charges for candidates for using these services.

The Offer for JOB Seekers

Building a long-term relationship with the picked executive’s search firm is one of the fundamental attributes. Many high caliber candidates are having a friendly relationship with us. Is it accurate to say that you are keen on going along with them? In the event that indeed, take only two minutes to breathe life into your CV or resume.

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